When getting a website from doneWebs, you can choose to transfer one or more of your existing domains and use them with doneWebs' services. The domains can be used to host your website, or be used for domain email addresses.

Each domain transfer comes with a $35 fee. Simply complete a transfer form and pay the fee, and we'll take it from there. Specifically, we will request an Auth-ID code from your current registrar on your behalf. This code is used to verify your ownership of the domain as we initiate the transfer to your new registrar. Most registrars will then take about 5 days to transfer the domain, but the process may take up to 10 days.

As soon as the domain has been transferred, it can be used with doneWebs services. One regular domain is included in all doneWebs subscriptions. Each additional domain is charged for on an annual basis. The most popular domains (.com/.net/.org, all of which you have one included in your base subscription) are $19/year. Other top-level domains, which are often industry-specific (such as .technology) or country-specific (such as .co.uk) have varying prices.

If you have multiple domains, and you would like to use a domain that is not the one used to host your website for email, you will need an email-only subscription for $199/year.

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