If you plan on using an existing domain for your doneWebs website, it must be transferred to our registrar. That is usually a relatively seamless process. However, ICANN, the organization responsible for the management of several top-level domains, including .com, has a transfer policy that might interfere with this process.

In this article, we will cover the issue most commonly caused by the ICANN Transfer Policy. Specifically, the 60-day domain lock.

A 60-day domain lock is automatically enabled when your domain:

  • Is first registered, or;

  • Is transferred between registrars, or;

  • Undergoes a change (such as change of ownership)

Your domain can not be transferred to doneWebs until after the 60-day lock has expired.

In most cases, your domain can still be used with your doneWebs website before being transferred to our registrar. However, this does depend entirely on the policies and features of your current registrar. Contact us to find out if your domain can be used before being transferred.

If your domain is used with your website before being transferred to us, we will contact you again once the lock is removed because the domain still needs to be transferred so that we are responsible for its renewal and the administration.

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