All websites should have a contact form. With doneWebs, you will get an effective, secure, fully customized, and spam-free contact form. Depending on your subscription plan, various field types and form styles might be available.

You can choose to only require your visitor to fill specific form fields. All form responses will be sent to an email of your choice.

Field types

Basic field types

These field types are available to all subscription plans:

  • Short text (name, etc.)

  • Long text (Message)

  • Email field

  • Phone field

Premium field types

The following field types are available to Business and Pro customers:

  • Dropdowns

  • Checkboxes

The following field types are available to Pro customers:

  • Terms and conditions acceptance box

  • Numbers-only field

  • Picture choice

  • Ranking (order items by preference)

  • Opinion numbered scale

  • 1-5 star rating

  • Matrix

  • Website URL

File upload field

Pro plan customers can request that customers upload files, such as .doc/docx, .pdf, .png, and other file formats. These files will be forwarded along with the rest of the response to an email address of your choice.

Visual appearance

Take payments

Pro plan customers can take payments through their form. A $5 flat-rate processing fee applies for charges of up to $50, and a $10 flat-rate processing fee for charges of up to $100. No charges above $100 can be taken through a form. However, Pro customers can enable payments through our appointment booking or online store feature.

Visual appearance

Form styles

We offer 3 different form styles.

General form style

This style is available to all customers and is what you would generally consider a regular contact form. In addition to the fields seen in the example below, Business plan customers can also add checkboxes and dropdown fields.

Conversation style

Available only to Pro customers, this form style is engaging and intuitive. Only one field is displayed at a time, and when a response is recorded, the next field is displayed.

This form style is required for all Pro fields mentioned here, including payments and file upload.

Chat-bot style

With this form style, which only is available to Pro-customers, your visitors will interact with a chat-bot, similar to what you see when requesting a demo on our website. Some fields are not available with this form style, including payments.

Multiple forms

Basic customers are limited to 1 contact form. Business customers, however, can set up 2 forms. A second form might be helpful for some types of businesses, for example for the purpose of requesting a quote. Pro customers can add an unlimited number of forms.

The same form may be placed at multiple locations on your website, without each location being counted as one form.


Data safety

All data sent through websites managed by doneWebs is fully secured through advanced encryption. No data is stored on your website but simply forwarded directly to an email address of your choice. However, we don't recommend requesting highly sensitive personal information through our service, and we will not allow forms that request the visitor's Social Security Number unless absolutely required for the service you are offering.

Spam protection

All doneWebs forms are spam-protected through Google reCaptcha v3. This protection will block all spam-bots. However, keep in mind that you might still receive responses from individuals and companies that are trying to sell you their products or services.

How to enable

If you are a current customer, and you would like to enable this feature, your personal representative can help you out. Log in to your Control Panel account and chat with us, or call Customer Service at 855-344-8898.

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