You probably have some presence on social media, either on Facebook, Instagram, or both. Good thing then that you can keep your website's visitors updated on current events through this feature.

Why enable this feature?

With the Social Media Feed, your website's visitors will be able to see your Facebook and/or Instagram posts. That is a perfect way to share news with your visitors, such as current promotions, discounts, new products/services, special events, and special opening hours.

Visual appearance

Facebook feeds will be displayed in a boxed format, usually between 250 and 500 pixels wide, and varying hights. Here is one example:

Instagram feeds will usually cover a wider area of your website, formatted as an entire section, as illustrated here:

How to enable

If you are a current customer, and you would like to enable this feature, your personal representative can help you out. Log in to your Control Panel account and chat with us, or call Customer Service at 855-344-8898.

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