We're sorry to learn that you're thinking of leaving us, but no hard feelings. Whether you're canceling your service because your business has closed, you no longer need our services, or you're simply not satisfied with what we're offering (in which case we really hope you're willing to take a minute to let us know what we can do better), it's been a pleasure to serve you.

Please note that all changes to your subscription, including cancelation, will go into effect at the end of your current billing cycle. No refunds are pro-rated refunds are offered if you choose to downgrade or cancel your subscription before the end of your billing cycle.

Before proceeding with a cancelation, it's worth reviewing the consequences and alternative options.

Consequences of canceling

When a cancelation goes into effect, all of your website's content will be immediately and permanently deleted. The data is unrecoverable. Before a cancelation goes into effect, you are encouraged to store any critical data, such as online store orders.

Please note that doneWebs has the copyrights to your website and its content, with the exception of content you have written, such as blog posts, and any content you provided during development such as logos and photos. Your subscription is in effect a license to use the website and content that we have developed. Copying doneWebs copyrighted content is illegal, and you might suffer legal consequences. If you would like to purchase rights to your website and its content, read this.

All content associated with your website's add-on features will also be permanently deleted, including blog posts, online store products, and appointment bookings. If you have email accounts, all your account data will be deleted, including messages and attachments.

Unless you owned a domain prior to signing up for our service and transferred that domain for use with your website, doneWebs is the owner of your website's domain. Unless you transfer the domain to another hosting provider, it will also be permanently deleted. There might be costs associated with the transfer of ownership. If you previously transferred a domain to us for use with our service, you may transfer the domain out at no cost.

Alternatives to canceling a subscription

Purchase the site and its content

If you would like to manage your website yourself, using a different hosting provider, you can purchase the rights to the website and all its content. However, you might need to get a license to use some third-party services that were used on your site.

To purchase rights to your site and its content, contact your personal representative. The flat price is $4,500 for Basic websites, $5,500 for Business websites, $7,500 for Plus websites, and $15,000 for Pro websites.

Pause your subscription

If your business is closing temporarily, or you need to reduce your costs for a limited period of time, you can also choose to pause your subscription. To initiate a pause, you will be charged 10% of your subscription's annual rate. Your website and all its content, including email accounts, will be stored and available for reinstatement, but will not be available for use to you or your customers. To resume your subscription, a flat fee of $100 is charged along with the monthly or annual subscription.

How to cancel

If you would still like to proceed with canceling your subscription, you can contact your personal representative, and they will be happy to assist you through the cancellation process. You can also cancel the subscription yourself through the Control Panel.

Step 1

To cancel your subscription through Control Panel, visit controlpanel.donewebs.com and log in with your account credentials.

Step 2

Click the "Cancel Subscription" button. If you have multiple active subscriptions, remember to select the right one first.

Step 3

Finally, write a quick note about why you are leaving us, and click the "Cancel Subscription" button, and you're done.

If you would like to reverse a cancellation, make sure to do so before your current billing cycle ends. Once your billing cycle has ended, it's too late and all your data will have been deleted.

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